Friday, April 6, 2018

Current project.....PG Gundam Mk2 Titans.

Well this project has been in the works since last year and surprise its no where near done as always! I cannot stress how slow of a builder I am!  I really don't understand why I cannot get motivated enough to work on this kit lately.  I finished the legs inner frame and LED work a few weeks ago.  And I cant find my drive to continue on lately. I have been exhausted everyday I come home from work lately.  Maybe I can find the energy as the weather has been changing and the sun has been coming back round again!

Enough excuses from my end here. I will make better effort to get back in the hobby room again and put in some  work on this one.  Once again this was a group build with the guys from my local hobby group called Washington State Gunpla.............There were four of us building away at four different takes on the mk 2 Gundam. James Siedenburg, Ryan Bartoletti, Brian Estrada and finally myself.

We all took it upon ourselves to tackle this wonderful kit! boy what the hell did we get ourselves into!  The only one of us who has made serious progress is my boy Ryan Bartoletti.  And if you haven't heard of him go check him out on Facebook aka RB gunpla. You wont be disappointed at all with his stuff! The man has skills...

OK here are some WIP pics from what I have done so far.  I do however have all the outer armor already shaded, decaled and ready to go.  No pics of it yet sadly....youll have to wait for those.

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