Monday, June 20, 2016

Finn funnels and sheild

Finishing up the final touches on the Neo Grade 1/60 Nu Gundam.  The last piece of the puzzle was to get the Finn funnels mounted and the shield mounted as well.  The last thing to do was the final photo shoot with a proper camera and background as well....

Well I am not sure what is going on with the kit now.  But the entire LED system is not working. So I will have to go back in and see what is the major malfunction here.  I am sure its just a battery problem on this guy.  For all the LEDs to go out at one time usually tends to lead to battery failure or a possible wire from the power side or the ground side may have gotten disconnected.  What ever it is I have to fix.

As soon as that is done I will make an attempt to do a better photo shoot of the kit itself.  I still am the  worst photographer in the world. So don't expect much from me!! Any how here are some of the pictures I snapped while I was mounting the funnels and shield.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Almost done with this kit!

Well since I missed my deadline I honestly lost my stream on this kit.  So a few weeks away from it has done me good.  So today I finally got off my butt and started working on the funnels for this guy. Wasn't sure if I was going to try and glue them using two part epoxy or what.  Turned I just decided to pin them and use small amounts of CA glue to hold down certain areas, I'm just happy to see it standing on its own.

So the last few details I will button up soon. I need to magnetize the sheild for its mounting point.  Then just small details left and it's off to the next project, looks like maybe next spring this guy will make its way to IPMS 2017 spring show.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Neograde 1/60 Nu Gundam WIP

Well sadly i could not finish this guy for the Seattle IPMS spring show on Saturday April 23rd. Tried my hardest to complete the kit for the show. But i spent about 13hrs straight in my paint room trying to get all the parts completed for final assembly.

The parts were complete but i had not even started final wiring on the custom LEDs i had planned to install on this kit.  There are 14 total LEDs wired in on the kit.  Custom installed lighting on the leg boosters and the booster backpack.  I must say the final assembly stage is the most nerve racking part of the entire build process for me particularly!  You work so hard on the paint work and decals, you never know what could happen in the end.

Well for the majority this guy is almost all complete. Most of what is left is the fin funnels and final details. i am hoping to have this completed soon. I am just taking a little break and spending mothers day with my mom of course! And may i say happy mothers day to all moms out there around the world!