Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The road to Seattle IPMS spring show 2016

Well nothing has been on the hobby table for the last few months. Mostly just snap fitting a few mg kits.  So I figured I may as well try and build another resin kit for IPMS.  So the kit I chose was the Neograde 1/60 Nu Gundam full resin kit.

Needless to say, this kit is really casted well. Most likely the best resin kit I have worked on to date.  There were a few parts that needed some straightening due to minor warping.  But as for surface prep, this kit is super smooth. I really don't have any complaints on this guy.

So far it's been just a bit of rescribing the panel lines and the usual sanding of the surface with the usual sanding steps. But instead of pinning and glueing I opted for using magnets to hold it together. So far the fit is great and the magnets are holding strong. Still a ton more to do.