Monday, April 27, 2015

G Systems Best 1/72nd Geara Doga Heavy Weapons system complete

Well its been a long time since i posted anything on the blog.....Sadly the Mecha Lounge is now closed. I feel a bit sad to say the least. That was our home to show everyone the hobby we enjoy and love so much.  Well i can point the finger at myself for not doing my own part in keeping the place going. As an admin, i should have done more to sustain the forum.  But everyone has a busy life and things got a little to much for the whole team to bear.  So a decision to close the forum was the only option.

So i will thank each and every Admin, Moderator, and staff member!  You all did a fantastic job while it lasted.  And not to mention a big thank you to the entire Mecha Lounge members.....without you guys the place would have been empty.

So i have been slacking off for the last eight months.  Mostly just playing video games and being lazy. Really no good excuse i know... But i finally got off my ass and finished this kit in time for the Seattle IPMS Spring show of 2015.  But lets start at the beginning of the month of April.  So for the last three weeks of the month i dedicated all my spare time to finishing this kit.. needless to say i sacrificed tons of sleep for the sake of finishing this kit.

All in all i feel it came out ok, i made some mistakes during the assembly process for sure.  The back pack reactors were supposed to be glued at an angle.  My dumb ass did not check the position they were supposed to be mounted and glued them in a straight line.  This in turn affected the way the arms and shoulders could move. but some how things fit together regardless of the way i mounted the reactors.  For those building resin kits, make sure to test fit every piece before final assembly.

So for the mods on this kit i chose to custom color this kit. I went with a shaded look as well. This was my first attempt at shading anything.  To be honest i really enjoyed the process and the outcome.  So in the future I will my likely shade more kits.  I also decided to get rid of the BFG and replace it with a Kotobukiya Gatling gun. I chopped off the original barrel and pinned and glued the Koto Gatling.  The ammo chain for the gun was ripped from the ZZ Gundam mg kit. it worked great i may add.  I added magnets to the right side reactor for a quick detachment.  Also a magnet in the gun for quick detachment as well.

The original beam rifle was configured in a bull pup style rifle.  So i chopped the barrel off the top and mounted it on the bottom of the receiver. Moved the magazine from a top mount position to the regular rifle style magazine position.  This concept was not my own for sure. Awhile back i saw Good Guy Dan do a MG Geara Doga and he came up with this concept first.  So kudos to Good Guy Dan for the great idea!!! Here is a link to his blog  Good Guy Dans blog.

Of course what kit would be complete without a total LED upgrade. I replaced the stock LED which was red with a purple LED of my choosing.  I added blue LEDs for the thrusters in the feet and the back pack thrusters as well.  There was an additional LED i added to the incom system in the skirt section as well.

The head section is sporting a custom commanders horn i had to make from parts from a HG shen long kit. Believe it was the dragons fang to be exact,  It seemed to work really well.  I would have used the one the kit supplied but............WHOOPS!! Good ol GSB forgot to add that part in the original parts list.

So for the detail parts for the reactor......i really dont know what to call them, but they are the round bits on the back pack reactors.  Well GSB casting was really haggard on them.  I really didnt feel like re shaping all of them so i just re built new ones.  Using some round plastic stock and some G systems Shop metal detail parts i came up with a suitable fix.

In a rush to finish up this kit for IPMS, my father and i came up with a Ghetto stand in just a few minutes.  I slapped together a paint job and some detail marking for it....needless to say the decals i used got messed up from the cheap clear coat i used on it.  Oh well it worked and held up the kit.  which by the way would not stand with out it.

Apologies for the lengthy post, but it has been like 8 months since i did anything.