Sunday, June 30, 2013

Master Reebootyourself100 resin Kshatriya

I have been following Reeboots work for some time now on his youtube channel, facebook and Mecha Lounge. Needless to say the man busts out resin kits. Not to mention the dioramas the man is pumping out are amazing to say the least.

So todays post will be featuring his latest work. A resin 1/100 Kshatriya. Custom color scheme and tons of LEDs and SMDs to boot. The white on this kit was done in a pearlescent color. Makes the LED work reflect off it so smooth! The green color was done in a candy green. Looks minty fresh!!!

So if you got time go and check out Reeboots youtube channel!!!

now lets see some pictures of this masterpiece!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Zoids Group Build Great Sabre....cats outta the bag!

Here are the Legs and rear section complete. I had some mistakes during the decaling process and had one of my decals slip......i didnt notice till it was too late. so one decal was wrecked... but i still have a tiny bit of masking left to do on four pieces of the outer armor to do. getting close to the end hopefully.  and yes i didnt remove all the seams that i should a bit lazy.

i cannot remember i last time i had soo much trouble with the assembly process on a kit. this by far has been the most stressfull assembly i have ever had on a kit. things are breaking on me left and right. if you could see this thing in person you would know. but i managed to keep it together this far. good thing i a ok at fixing things.   I ran into wiring issues as well. i thought i was all good, then i powered them up and only the red and yellow LEDs were working. so i had to go back and fix the problem.

Needless to say i still dont have any idea if i can hide a switch and power source on the kit itself. might have to go external power and switch for now. we will see in a few dayz or so! now just weapons and stuff left to do. should be fun!!

oh and sorry for all the photos! i was just trying out a new background and messing with the lighting. i still suck bad at photography