Thursday, April 24, 2014

Seattle IPMS Spring show 2014

Finally got the saber tiger done and completed! So off to the IPMS show in Seattle! But before all that i had to slap together a base for the Saber Tiger to stand on. In truth it was all just to hide the wiring for the LEDs i had installed. So on Friday the 11th i took the day off and spent it painting up and fabricating up the rest of the base. It is by far not the best display base. But it was the first one i had ever attempted.

So after completing the base and the Saber it was off to the show.  So before all this began i had planned to meet up with some of the guys from the Mecha Lounge forum.  Derick from Mono Eye Press was to be in attendance at the show. Along with his buds from VANPLA Vancouver British Colombia.  So not all the boys could make it out to the show but i was able to meet a few of them plus Chris from Plunder Run.

So the show was down right amazing!! all types of models and skill levels were present! The sci fi section was my main concern as my kit falls into that category. IPMS recently started having Gundam as an official section in the contest. And we had a great turn out from the guys in the Gundam Section for Sci Fi.

I dont really know how i managed to take first place in the Sci Fi vehicle section, but i did. Boy what an honor.  And not only that the judges seemed to think my entry was good enough to be the Best of Show for Sci Fi!!! I really did not think i was going to walk away with that honor at all. There were some damn good entries there.  I for one was eyeing a Slave 1 Bobba Fett ship that was done with some extreme detail and amazing LED work. I for one thought that it would take the cake........

All in all there were some amazing entries in all categories. Armor, Aircraft etc. Just had a damn good time there in general!