Thursday, July 24, 2014

Head complete with LEDs!

Finished fitting and painting the rest of the head unit. Got the LEDs in place and tested. so far so good! Went with a purple LED for the head instead of the usual red for the Geara. I feel it fits the color scheme better than the red would have.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Tonights feature: SETH TUNA!!!

So a few months back when i was doing the Great Saber build, i was looking around on the web for some inspiration......And low and behold i stumbled upon a fantastic build of a white Saber Tiger. The modeler was named Seth Tuna! But his real name is Tuan Huynh, hailing from Ho Chi Minh city, Binh Thanh District.

This guy has only been seriously painting since 2013........WAIT A MINUTE THATS LAST YEAR!!!  And he is superb at what he does! So lately i been able to speak with him over at Facebook. What a stand up guy. Super polite and respectful and kind. At age 28 he has achieved quite a few knock out builds so far!

Not only can you find his work here and on facebook, Tuan is a administrator on his local forum he and his friends created over in Viet Nam! here is the link:

You can find his work there along with his fellow admin team and members.  At his blog Supreme Mecha they are encouraging people to step up their game and go all out to become better builders overall. And that is something i can applaud openly.

Well i have talked far too much lets get down to business and see some of Seth Tuna's work.  But one last thought. I have never met Seth till a few days ago. We are separated by thousands of miles.......and really dont know each other that well. But one thing brought us to get to know one another..........THE HOBBY! it shows how really powerful love for ones hobby can be.

So we salute you tonight brother Seth Tuna!

D style Liger custom with LEDs


Here is his Sinanju

Here is his Grand Systems Models 1/24 zeta bust

And another Great Saber 

Zoids Liger Panzer