Friday, December 6, 2013

G Systems Best Geara Doga 1/72 LED and leg

Wired up the leg LEDs and glued the parts together. man i hate glueing parts. there always seems to be a tiny bit of glue that either gets on your hands or parts and you dont know it. so needless to say...i got some glue on some stuff here and there. but its light and really not noticeable unless you look up close. hey no ones perfect right? but all in all the leg has come together really well.

Gotta love them LEDs!! they really accent the kit well. and resin kits are full of places to hide the wiring and batteries. Most of the time they have quite a few hollow places to stash stuff.

Monday, December 2, 2013

G Systems Best 1/72 Geara Doga wip 2

Been puttin in work on the legs for a few weeks now. Sanding, putty work and more sanding. Did i mention sanding?? Finally was able to throw down some paint on this kit. Chose some custom colors and opted to try to shade this kit for the first time.

and one more thing RIP Paul Walker.....taken too soon.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Geara Doga build off with Justinius Builds and Jeff Montoya

well its no secret i had started a GSB Geara Doga awhile back..........worked had halted on it for no real reason other than i am lazy.  Had a skype chat with some of the fellas from the Lounge and decided to join up with some of the guys Geara Doga Group build.

so i will be working on the resin kit and the mg kit as well. hopefull i will finish the great sabre as well along the way. so i filmed a bit of the build awhile back, made a YT vid work in progress and update for you all to see.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Master Gianshopao's Custom MG Sinanju Stein "Obelisk"

Was just browsing through the Mecha Lounge a few dayz ago and stumbled on this amazing custom Sinanju Stein from Gianshopao. WOW!!! what an amazing rendition of the Stein!! And the colors are just down right awesome too!!

With all the GBWC going on in all the Asia countries, there are some really good builds happening right now. Some stiff competition as well.  As Gian is from the Philippines the GBWC has just ended over there. I got to wonder what is going on with some of the judging. HOW DID THIS NOT PLACE? As well as over in the Thailand GBWC Master Nunnu pulled of an amazing version of the PG GPO1 FB. But sadly did not place either.

But the real winners are the masters who created their kits. to be able to go home and see something as awesome as this Sinanju sitting on your own shelf is a win in itself. So congrats to you Gianshopao! you created and absolute masterpiece with this work!!

MG Sinanju by Master Shiro11 a long overdue feature.

I have been meaning to feature Master Shiro11 for quite some time now. So forgive me my friend for this long overdue feature. I have been watching and following Shiro11 work since the good old days at MAC forums.

Shiro's work is none other than professional stuff! really excellent shading on most of his kits. With some cool custom color schemes and some diorama work as well. I do believe he was a second place winner in the diorama category back when the mecha contest 2012 was going on.  A very soft spoken but polite gentleman. This guy lets his painting do the talking for him.  And it speaks for itself.

So without further adieu....his latest and very amazing Mg Sinanju! So go over and check out Shiro11's blog here  Ani-Mei