Friday, July 5, 2013

The Master of the Beard.....Justinius!! MG Aile Strike Gundam RM

Not long back i featured an up and coming modeler Justinius! Man what a stand up guy. i have had the pleasure of talking with him via skype. A very humble man. And a very skilled one too. The guy has been steadily improving on each build. The next one just keeps getting better and better.

Today the feature is his latest work. The Master Grade Aile Strike Gundam RM version. And what a kit it is. A vast improvement over the previous addition to the mg family.  This kit stays more to the Pg kit. In my humble opinion that is a good thing. I feel the PG strike is one of the best ones.

So Justin decided to stay to the original color scheme of the Strike gundam. Lots of details on the inner frame  were done up by the man as well. But we will be focusing on the many photos justin has provided!

You can check out his work on Facebook, Mecha Lounge, Gundam Eclipse and his own Youtube channel.

Tigrillo's Masterpiece....fully scratchbuilt 1/60 Arios Gundam

Back in the beginning of the year i featured Tigrillos amazing scratchbuilt VF 1J valkyrie. If you havent seen that kit, boy you must be in the dark ages.  This guy takes modeling to a next level each and every build. I want to thank Tigrillo for taking part in the Mecha Lounge group build CHAOS!

This time master Tigrillo went ahead and said.............ok i will just build a 1/60 scale Arios Gundam. Thats no easy feat for any skilled model builder.  But as you have seen the past work from this guy, you would think sure no problem.

Yet again he never ceases to amaze us! the build is complete and its in the showcase section in the CHAOS group build at Mecha Lounge! What an amazing job he did. Custom work paired with Custom color scheme as well.

Flawless Victory Master Tigrillo!! oh and i forgot to mention.......its fully transformable!!!!