Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Zoids Group Build Great Sabre main body complete.

assembled the main body torso area. boy did i crack and break alot of parts. just a friendly reminder to those building zoids out there. if you paint them bore out your holes and enlarge them. also if you need to sand down some of the connecting areas. i had a heads up from master Harry. but man i wasnt ready for this. we will see if it affects the rest of the main body.

So far i really am liking the red and orange together. they complement each other really good. So more masking tonight on the rest of the body and legs. hopefully by this weekend i can have the whole cat painted and assembled. just need to take my time. i get giddy when i see the metallics and like a window licker i try to assemble them thinking "oh i wont hurt the paint!" but we all know what happens. i end up having ot touch things up.

Zoids Group Build Great Sabre Metallics

just a bit of an update. i have been hacking away at this guy for the last week. got all the red and black pieces painted and clear coated. decals on the black is done. also finished the grey parts for the cat! just down to detailing the parts with metallics and clear colors. had to repaint the head due to the head being waay frosted and more of a grey color then a black color. plus the head hex's were washed out due to the frosting. i hope this looks better. also had a bit of trouble on the chest details. kinda messed up a bit with the clear orange. you should be able to see it in one of the photos. well i will be pluggin away at the masking for the rest of the week. man i really dont enjoy masking .but the results are great. sometimes its worth the trouble

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Justinius masterpiece Mg Blue Frame Astray custom

We have been fortunate to have had many newcomers at the Mecha Lounge as of late! Justinius is one of our newest members, but he brings a certain level of coolness with him! I had been watching his build off with Good Guy Dan for a few weeks now. I had been very excited to see what unfolded between the two builders....

So i asked Justinius to say a few words about himself.

"My name is Justin, I've loved building things since i was a kid, it all started with legos, and just sort of evolved from there. same thing goes with robots, transformers was always an awesome thing when i was younger. and it just stuck with me as i grew up. so gundam kits just come naturally to me. I used to build gundam kits when i was in middle and high school. but when the shows left north america, so did all the local places to buy kits, so i stopped building for several years. but now that I'm a 'grown up' and stuff i could afford to take a more mature approach to the hobby, while documenting and sharing my progress online. my other hobbies are pretty standard I think. I collect and play video games, as well as music. Music is really my passion. I play the drums on occasion, I used to be in a band. I like most types of music, ranging from pop, to metal and beyond."

An interesting fellow if i may say the least! So if i am correct i believe this to be Justinius first attempt at a shaded kit! To me it turned out fantastic! using the blue to preshade before the final white layer was a really nice touch. Coupled with a metallic blue frame! This guy looks fantastic!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sliver's custom RG Destiny Gundam

Over at the Mecha Lounge over the past few days we have had a few awesome kits hit the display case recently.  I am happy to present Sliver's Real Grade Destiny gundam in the Heine Westenfluss color scheme.

I have always admired Slivers builds. He has been busting out work left and right. He tends to like the Real Grade line a lot! And it shows here with another masterpiece to add to his Portfolio! All the great details and shading are present in this small but very detailed kit!!

" I try to do what I can with spraycans. Still trying to learn from the pros here.
Being limited by spraycans' stock colors, I can only try to work on other basics such as decaling, panel wash and post shading and ML provides a good platform for me to learn from the pros through their sharing and wip threads. "  

A master in his own league!! there is definitely a reason he is a VIP over at the Lounge! And a well deserved one at that!! all his builds have been completely awesome!! Very exellent shading and clean panel lining! down to the crisp details of the decals!! A complete masterpiece!!