Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tigrillos Masterpiece Fully scratch built 1/48 VF 1J

as many know we have been running a Macross Group Build on the Mecha Lounge for some time now. And one entry has alway had my attention......Tigrillos custom fully scratch built 1/48 VF 1J. where do i start??? well lets see.............ITS FULLY SCRATCH BUILT OUT OF WOOD, PLASTIC AND OTHER HOUSE HOLD MATERIALS!!!!

Ok now that i have calmed down a bit i can tell you more..I first stumbled upon Master Tigrillos work on Youtube. He had already attempted this before with a fully scratch built VF 1S. and man that thing was nothing short of AMAZING!! Then i started seeing his work on youtube here and there with his custom Gundams he kept pumping out. He also joined up with us at Mecha Lounge and participated in the 2012 Mecha Contest. And of course his entry was nothing short of amazing as well. Lets just face it the man is super talented. My hats off to you sir!! You have earned you spot amongst some of the best Model builders in the game.

So in conclusion i will leave you with links to his work and his youtube page. also the work in progress for his masterpiece VF 1J.

WIP for 1/48 VF 1J-

Tigrillos youtube channel-

Here is Tigrillos photos for the work in progress as well.-

and as for the rest i will let the pictures do the talking!!!! and these are some awesome photos! great photography paired with master craftsman skills!!

Next Upcoming project!!

after recently finishing the G SYSTEMS Nu Gundam.....i had to find another project to tackle. but this time i didnt want a huge project. at least not one that took me over a year to finish. my back log is still just sitting there laughing at me............ILL SHOW YOU A THING OR TWO BACK LOG!!!!! haha...just kiddin. but seriously though. time to get busy. and the next victim in my back log has to be the GSB 1/72nd Geara Doga. thats right GSB. i know i shouldnt be buying recasts.....but this guy is out of stock on the original cast. and man do i love the design. so......................... Lets get busy!! also these pictures are not my own. i pulled them from a web site called gundam pro. they do commission work. and boy do they  to good work.Gundam pro custom commission work shop

Welcome to the Robot Garage!

Hey name is Steve Santos. most people on the forums know me as Sneeper1980. i know stuipid name. but thats what it is. anyway i just wanted to welcome you to a place i just started. here i will post my recent and current projects. along with some of my collection of stuff. so i hope you enjoy your stay here!!! thanks for stopping by. hopefully along the way i will try and feature some of the Mecha Lounge members here. as long as i get their permission first!!