Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Master Matt Mrozek's Neograde 1/60 scale Sazabi masterpiece

A few years back i had the privilege to learn a few things about the resin side of the hobby. My teacher was none other than Master Matt Mrozek. What a stand up guy he is. Today we pay respects to him by featuring his latest masterpiece............The Neograde 1/60 scale Sazabi.

Now i as well have this same kit. And may i say what an amazing kit it is. No wonder Neograde resin kits sell out almost immediately after they are released. The casting on these kits is damn near Bandai quality. And being a resin kit, that is amazing in its own right. Perfect casting and fitment on these bad boys.

Hopefully one day my own Sazabi will look as good as Matt's does. But for now we will keep the focus on the subject. Matt had dumped 4 months in to getting this bad boy completed. Now that is flying when it comes to resin kits. Not to mention the sheer size of the kit. Standing at roughly 18 inches tall, its enough to make a Master Grade look like an HGUC kit! Enormous size comparison even with a Perfect grade kit.

As you will see no detail was spared on this guy. I even noticed Matt had decided to add some metal option parts to the thruster areas to enhance an already beautiful kit even more. Not to mention the graphite powder used on the lower thrusters looks so nice! Looks almost like real metal! I need to find me some of that stuff!

So lets look at this masterpiece and just enjoy the sheer beauty of it. Now remind you guys i asked permission to use these photos. So please give the man respect and ask permission as well to use or share these photos. The man is professional photographer too. So its just common and professional courtesy to get permission first before spamming the web with these photos.

see all Matt's photos on this monster here  https://www.facebook.com/matt.mrozek.1/media_set?set=a.10201289142803521.1073741830.1020900469&type=3

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Master Slivers RG RX 78 GP01

Once again Sliver has done another RG and it turned out fantastic! I was looking through the Mecha Lounge Display case and there it was! Custom colors and a slight weapon mod make for a tasteful rendition of the GP01! Now there is some nice color choices there!!

Get down to Mecha Lounge and look for some of Slivers other works! you can find them in the display case over there!! I guarantee you won't  be disappointed my friends! Most of his work is done with spray can and shaded with pigments! A nice touch to the kit in the end! So it shows with skill and patience you can achieve a great paint job with whatever technique you choose.