Monday, April 29, 2013

Todays feature is none other than Big Z

Ok guys and gals.........haha who am i kidding.(no girls read this stuff right)! And if there is i apologize now! So back to the subject matter at hand.  About a year or so ago i was stumbling through some works in progress on MAC forums. Low and behold i stumbled on some airbrush work on a Green Mg Sinanju. And may i say WOW!!! This guy was free handing tiny little skulls on his sinanju"s thrusters and armor!!! They were no amatuer  skulls either. Most definitely done by a master with an airbrush!!!

So I read up on the mans bio! Low and behold the man Big Z was a graphics artist with his own custom paint shop that did art work on cars, bikes, motorcycle helmets, you name it he does it!! From paintings on canvas to tee shirts galore!! Now seeing his work on facebook i got to see more of his stuff!!

Hands down an airbrush genius!! As master Gary aka Hummingbird would call him the "The color whisperer" I couldn't help myself when i heard that one!! how fitting it was! So Z has many projects going on at the same time while trying to balance a family and a career. But he still manages to get some quality time in on our favorite past time. So without further adieu.........I present Big Z's MG Shin Matsunaga's Zaku 2!

Monday, April 15, 2013

New Goodies straight from the man himself.....Gunplameister!!!

Lately everyone on the Mecha Lounge has seem to have gotten zoids fever...........and i can totally see why!! these kits are so detailed, they are like Perfect Grade kits!! So of course the naturally caught my eye of course.  I mean who wouldnt want a giant Sabre tiger in robot form huh?? Or even better one of the liger's.

Any way i heard a fellow Lounge Member and friend named David Starshadow....aka Gunplameister was off loading his hoard of zoids kits, i had to have one, or two!! haha!!

so i struck up a conversation with Dave. and here we are now with the best deal i could ever have gotten on these kits!! I cannot thank you enough Dave!! This guy went above and beyond the call of a good salesman! I mean he gave me both these zoids kits (Sabre tiger and Great sabre) for a steal of a deal.

On top of that he threw in sooo many extra goodies. what a guy!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH MASTER STARSHADOW!!! He threw in some sanding sticks and sanding sponges for free. Also he threw in some Gunpla builder up grade parts. Along with another zoids kit.........the Molgaand and Molga Canory Unit kit. He also threw in a SD Gundam kit the RX 78 GPO3!!! The Liger Zero Panzer in the picture i had purchased recently from Tatsu Hobby, one of my favorite places to shop!!

A guy couldnt be happier with this deal. So once again i thank you Master Starshadow!! he even threw in a cool Zoids illustration book with a lot of the kits cover art on it. just makes you drool over the other zoids kits.

Come check out Master Starshadows Youtube channel! you will find all sorts of resin kits and tutorials and such!! Also some of the best unboxing videos for resin kits too!! also stay tuned for his massive commission work coming up...........THE 1/35TH SCALE G SYSTEMS MSA 11 EXS GUNDAM!!!!!!

Gunplameister youtube channel

Monday, April 8, 2013

Blublek Studio's Perfect Grade Astray Red Frame Gundam

Most of you already are familiar with Blublek's work i am sure. And if you are not let me show you some amazing stuff here. This guy is an amazing scratch building/modifying master!!  Last year he placed second in the Mecha Contest of 2012 in the modified plastic category.  Had it not been for Mr Gav's genius Sazabi custom he did, Blublek could have easily taken First place with his entry.

So here we are now with a very clean built, slightly modded Pg Astray Red Frame Gundam. Wow!! what a beauty this turned out to be. This build is super clean! If you know me i love me some clean builds. My favorite style. But thats just my personal preference.

So here it is the pictures of this masterpiece!! What a gorgeous kit!

Gundam Uk's Fabulous F 91

One of our newest admin at the lounge Simon Aka GundamUK has just finished a masterpiece F 91 gundam kit!! and man this thing looks sweet!! I have been watching alot of simons builds lately and the man just keeps outdoing himself each time!!

Recently we picked Simon up for the moderator team on the Lounge....but he has surpassed all expectations and now he is one of the resident Admins at Mecha Lounge. Also he is responsible for the new look of the lounge and the site hosting as well!! WE CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH SIMON!!

So Lounge members be sure to thank Simon some time later in the future for all the hard work he has put into the forum for all us to enjoy!! The man is a tech genius in my eyes!! I could never manage to do the things he does with a PC!

Well without further delay lets get to the things we want to see here huh??!