Sunday, March 24, 2013

Master Harry finally finished it!!!!!

My boy and fellow admin over at the Mecha Lounge Harry had a build off with another talented man named Big Z. This build off has been going on for so long i forgot when it started. Jokingly i would give Harry shit about it not being done. And being a real grade kit at that!!! Well we all work at our own pace don't we!!

But as you can see...........its not a straight clean no sir!!! This kit has custom paint, shading, weathering, battle name it.  Me not being a person who delves in that kind of work, i have no idea what it takes to achieve that look. Harry took his time and also made some custom effect parts that look really cool as well. Added to the build very nicely! He also has plans for a diorama for this kit. Very fitting for this one. I personally think this kit would look very nice in a good dio!

So here we go again with another piece from Master Harris Hasan.
You can find Harry's other work here Harris Hasan Hobby Art

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Work can finally resume!! Back at it again.

So for the last few months i have been trying to get moved in and situated in my new home. Let me tell you it wasnt an easy road. The former tenants that were living here were not so good tenants. And thats putting it lightly.....dont really want to get into it that much.  But let's say they trashed the place good.

So for the last few months i have been trying to fix, clean and remodel the place. needless to say it is done!! So i now have my own hobby room to play in!!! Yeah!! Ok so when i started this blog i was wrapping up the Nu Gundam. I kinda hinted towards a next project being a 1/72nd scale Geara Doga.

So i have been sanding and test fitting this guy so far. The casting was great! For a recast i cant complain much. The only real problems so far were warping in the legs and a few minor spots to repair.

For now i just snapped a few shots of the legs and pelvis area. i still have lots to do. And with being a broke ass dude at the moment......paint will have to wait for a bit. So that leaves me with tons of time to do clean up and get this guy ready for painting.

Mono Eye Madness with a touch of camo!!!!

Here we have a look at Brother Gary Wintin aka Hummingbird's latest creation!! A very genius color camo scheme on an old mono eye classic.....The Acguy mobile suit. Gary's passion is to learn new ways in which he can apply scale modeling effects to all his current projects. Doing research is key. And let me say Gary does a ton of that!!

Getting inspiration from old ww2 submarine camo schemes is what made Gary go with the colors on this guy. The Blue blends so nicely with the grey he has chosen to go with here! And the hints of subtle weathering are ever present! NICE WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Acguy is ready for some serious ass whipping on them Federation mobile suits. Great work Gary giving life to one of the most unique and strange suits of the one year war!

so without further delay here is Master Hummingbird's MG Acguy custom!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Yep another masterpiece from Big Daddy Vanz.....

I know i just recently posted Master Vanz Hilario's Custom Zgok monster..............and what a kit it is.  But he didnt stop there my friends......

Yes he made another you can see why the man is one of the best in the world. i have never seen anyone put out this many kits ever. I dont know how he does it....IS HE HUMAN???? Maybe Vanz is a robot as well? You will never know!!!!!

As for us we are lucky enough to see work like this!! Our friend here is a master at the Metallic red paint job for sure! I know i love the color myself!! check out his blog and you will see how many kits this guy has really done!! The thought is overwhelming at times. Just glad you are on the ML team brother Vanz!!

This kit is none other than the RC Nightengale in 1/100 scale! I have heard alot of good and bad things about this kit. but after seeing what it can look like i think i would actually try one out!

So once again i am just gonna shut up and let you enjoy the scenery!!!