Monday, July 17, 2017

Finally finished the Neograde 1/60th Nu Gundam...............better late than never.

Well as this build was supposed to be for last year 2016 IPMS Seattle spring show.....Sadly you know i didn't make the deadline for that show.  So I finally finished all the small little details on this kit.  As i went to turn on the LED's after digging back into the chest area and replacing the batteries....and nothing!! So i had to pretty much rewire the entire thing over again. To be honest i cannot say what was the actual problem.  But problem solved!!! So on to the weekend Hobby town USA Gundam show!

Very surprised at the turnout for the show on Sunday the 16th! Everything from 1/144 scale up to 1/48th scale stuff! Vary skill levels as well. Some very good work turned out for our small section of the Pacific Northwest to be honest!! Big thanks to the guys at the Silverdale Hobby town

!! Special thanks to the Assistant Manager John!!!! That man donated a crap ton of his own kits to winners and for a kick ass raffle give away!!

So for me i was very honored to walk away with the Grand Prize and the Best of show award! i was very happy to take home such an honor.  Plus i won a Pg Banshee Gundam to boot!!

These kits were provided for the contest winners and raffle prizes courtesy of John @Silverdale Hobby Town USA! Thank you guys once again! Such a great show!

Now these are the pictures from the photo shoot after the contest!

And here are some of the photos from the Hobby show at Silverdale WA Hobbytown USA!