Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Effael the metal modeler!!!

Senior Jeffe aka Effael the metal modeler is today's feature!  So i first met Jeffe on the skype chat with the boys online. Then i found out he is a fellow youtube Gundam model builder as well.  Link for Jeffe here Effael the metal modeler.

So after months of daily skypin with the fellas i got to know Jeffe pretty well.  A gentleman and a scholar, and one who rocks out hard on the guitar!  Did i mention Jeffe plays in a metal band? Catheter is the band name! And yes its exactly what it sounds like!  All up in your shit!! hehe

From watching Jeffe videos on his channel, i found out he has a serious passion for the old Gundam kits from the 80's and 90's.  The challenge of taking the old kits and updating the look is a serious challenge, and one Jeffe is most definitely up for!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bang Doll vs Ashura by Bang Doll

Recently Bang Doll was featured here with his amazing G Systems 1/72nd Kshatriya.  What a gorgeous outcome that was!  So here we are now viewing his Gold medal winning diorama.  Recently this kit was entered in the 50th Anniversary IPMS USA Nationals and came out winning a Gold Medal! What an honor to receive!

As a former IPMS contestant myself i can really relate to what an amazing finish his kit made!  Over 3000 entries were entered in the Nationals!  Now that's some serious competition to compete against.  If you have ever participated or competed in an IPMS event you can already imagine the amount of talent that was present there!

So hats off to you Master Bang Doll!  You have accomplished a feat that some of us can only dream of!  so now here to the meat and potatoes of today's feature!