Tuesday, October 22, 2013

MG Geara Doga

So i was poking around my local Hobby Town USA. They always have a decent selection of Gundam kits, whether it be MG, RG, HG or even SD kits. I was looking and found the Mg Geara Doga! one of my favorite grunt suit designs from the Zeon side.

So i couldn't help myself...........had to buy it. Normally i don't buy Gundam kits there. Just normally because they are a bit more pricey than i can find them online. Oh well i caved. I am hoping this guy will help me get motivated to finish the projects i have on deck to finish.

Yes i am still working on the Sabre Tiger zoid kit. to be honest i am really close to completion on that one.  Then i can tackle both the Resin Geara and the Mg Geara i just picked up.  Took some photos of the mg frame. Bandai has come along way in the engineering department since their first mg back in 2000 or so.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Macross Frontier Bandai chokogin update

Well today is a good day! just got in the Yf 29 30th anniversary edition Valkyrie! Man i thought i would never be able to snag one of these bad boys!

So i just snapped a few pics of the box and the rest of the Macross Frontier collection! sorry for the bad photos fellas! i am no pro photographer!