Sunday, October 28, 2012

Next Upcoming project!!

after recently finishing the G SYSTEMS Nu Gundam.....i had to find another project to tackle. but this time i didnt want a huge project. at least not one that took me over a year to finish. my back log is still just sitting there laughing at me............ILL SHOW YOU A THING OR TWO BACK LOG!!!!! haha...just kiddin. but seriously though. time to get busy. and the next victim in my back log has to be the GSB 1/72nd Geara Doga. thats right GSB. i know i shouldnt be buying recasts.....but this guy is out of stock on the original cast. and man do i love the design. so......................... Lets get busy!! also these pictures are not my own. i pulled them from a web site called gundam pro. they do commission work. and boy do they  to good work.Gundam pro custom commission work shop

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