Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Effael the metal modeler!!!

Senior Jeffe aka Effael the metal modeler is today's feature!  So i first met Jeffe on the skype chat with the boys online. Then i found out he is a fellow youtube Gundam model builder as well.  Link for Jeffe here Effael the metal modeler.

So after months of daily skypin with the fellas i got to know Jeffe pretty well.  A gentleman and a scholar, and one who rocks out hard on the guitar!  Did i mention Jeffe plays in a metal band? Catheter is the band name! And yes its exactly what it sounds like!  All up in your shit!! hehe

From watching Jeffe videos on his channel, i found out he has a serious passion for the old Gundam kits from the 80's and 90's.  The challenge of taking the old kits and updating the look is a serious challenge, and one Jeffe is most definitely up for!

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  1. Thank you Sneeper!! I can't thank you enough for posting and appreciating my work. You're the man!!!