Sunday, October 15, 2017

P Bandai RE 1/100 Rebawoo AMX 107R and the Galaxy Hobby Sci fi model show October 14 2017

After i finished the AMX 107 Bawoo production type kit.........i figured why not do another one!! But this time lets make it a Rebawoo!!

I normally dont get many of the P Bandai kits. Not due to the kits themselves really.  Jut dont have the extra money to drop on them spendy kits.  The P Bandai kits tend to be on the pricey side if you dont get them as soon as they release.

With the said this build was just about the same as the first Bawoo i did about a month ago.  It just has some added armor parts and upgraded weaponry.  Plus the kit comes with waterslide decals from Bandai as well.  I was very pleased with the quality of the Bandai waterslide decal sheets.  Very nice to say the least.

With this build i really liked the stock color of the red.  So i kept it simple and just did some post shading or highlighting of the red if you will.  Used mr color red and mr color Italian red to highlight the kit.  During the clear gloss stage of the build it was very difficult to choose to matte spray the just looks so damn good shiny!

Any how i i am rambling on and on here.  This kit was intended to compete in the Lynnwood Washington Galaxy hobby sci fi show on Saturday October 14th.

There were some killer entries and some amazing diorama entries by a gentleman that spent 8000 dollars on a deathstar core run. The pictures say it all! WOW!!!

So i managed to snag a third place win with my Rebawoo!! i did not even think i would place with some of the actual Gundam entries...First prize went to my Boy Ryan Bartoletti, with his crisp and clean High Mobility Zaku 2! With a custom jazzy paint job and LEDs to boot!! Congrats Ryan, you were THE BEST AROUND!!!

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