Monday, April 8, 2013

Gundam Uk's Fabulous F 91

One of our newest admin at the lounge Simon Aka GundamUK has just finished a masterpiece F 91 gundam kit!! and man this thing looks sweet!! I have been watching alot of simons builds lately and the man just keeps outdoing himself each time!!

Recently we picked Simon up for the moderator team on the Lounge....but he has surpassed all expectations and now he is one of the resident Admins at Mecha Lounge. Also he is responsible for the new look of the lounge and the site hosting as well!! WE CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH SIMON!!

So Lounge members be sure to thank Simon some time later in the future for all the hard work he has put into the forum for all us to enjoy!! The man is a tech genius in my eyes!! I could never manage to do the things he does with a PC!

Well without further delay lets get to the things we want to see here huh??!

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