Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Master Gianshopao's Custom MG Sinanju Stein "Obelisk"

Was just browsing through the Mecha Lounge a few dayz ago and stumbled on this amazing custom Sinanju Stein from Gianshopao. WOW!!! what an amazing rendition of the Stein!! And the colors are just down right awesome too!!

With all the GBWC going on in all the Asia countries, there are some really good builds happening right now. Some stiff competition as well.  As Gian is from the Philippines the GBWC has just ended over there. I got to wonder what is going on with some of the judging. HOW DID THIS NOT PLACE? As well as over in the Thailand GBWC Master Nunnu pulled of an amazing version of the PG GPO1 FB. But sadly did not place either.

But the real winners are the masters who created their kits. to be able to go home and see something as awesome as this Sinanju sitting on your own shelf is a win in itself. So congrats to you Gianshopao! you created and absolute masterpiece with this work!!

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