Tuesday, November 5, 2013

MG Sinanju by Master Shiro11 a long overdue feature.

I have been meaning to feature Master Shiro11 for quite some time now. So forgive me my friend for this long overdue feature. I have been watching and following Shiro11 work since the good old days at MAC forums.

Shiro's work is none other than professional stuff! really excellent shading on most of his kits. With some cool custom color schemes and some diorama work as well. I do believe he was a second place winner in the diorama category back when the mecha contest 2012 was going on.  A very soft spoken but polite gentleman. This guy lets his painting do the talking for him.  And it speaks for itself.

So without further adieu....his latest and very amazing Mg Sinanju! So go over and check out Shiro11's blog here  Ani-Mei

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