Friday, December 6, 2013

G Systems Best Geara Doga 1/72 LED and leg

Wired up the leg LEDs and glued the parts together. man i hate glueing parts. there always seems to be a tiny bit of glue that either gets on your hands or parts and you dont know it. so needless to say...i got some glue on some stuff here and there. but its light and really not noticeable unless you look up close. hey no ones perfect right? but all in all the leg has come together really well.

Gotta love them LEDs!! they really accent the kit well. and resin kits are full of places to hide the wiring and batteries. Most of the time they have quite a few hollow places to stash stuff.

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  1. The switch that has six prongs on it; what do I need to do to makes sure the wires are properly attached so the LED works?