Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Now Featuring Gundam UK'S Level Up Contest

Mecha Lounge's own administrator and fellow hobbyist Simon aka Gundam UK held an online mecha contest via his youtube channel. The name and title of the contest is the Level Up Contest. It was to challenge peoples modeling ability to try and step out of the normal routine. Try and make them strive for more in a way.  Come on down to Simons blog to check out what he is up to lately.

"Level Up! contest update and more
Hello 2014! I know, its already been going for 13 days but this is of course the first blog post of 2014. I have now returned from a most excellent visit to Japan and am now spending some time attempting to defeat my jetlag..

Level-Up! Contest - Update

Just a reminder that the deadline for the contest is drawing near! If you need a reminder for the rules then please click here I have 1 entry in so far out of around 20 so keep those WIPs coming :) I have decided that the top prize for the winner will be the awesome Kotobukiya Jehuty HD edition . Second prize will be announced later!"

that was from simons website directly.

I thought the idea was great. But you all know me.........i build really slow. i am just still trying to get through my own builds for this year. I am hoping to make it to the Seattle IPMS show for this year 2014. The way i am going i should be able to have at least 2 entries. But that is enough about me.

Lets get back to the subject at hand.....The Level Up Contest. I was browsing through some of the entries and stumbled upon a few that caught my eye.....

But first here is a taste of some of Simons work......

Now after looking through some of the finished entries 2 really stood out in my mind. If you havent heard of Tigrillo you are most likely living under a rock or something. this guy has some of the best scratch building skills i have seen around. the man is very good at what he does. i have featured his work on the Robot Garage a few times now. Here is his entry...of  course its a fully scratch built VF 1 Ozma Lee type.

And the other entry i found very intriguing was this custom Tallgeese EW version converted into a knight/roman centurion looking kit! wow very creative work by none other than Pawces. A very creative modder and custom kit builder. what more to say than this kit is awesome!! love the colors and details added here. plus the fur and cape give me a reminiscent of what Russel Crowe was wearing in the beginning of Gladiator. See the rest of his images here at the Mecha Lounge
Mecha Lounge Tallgeese EW Pawces also check out his blog here Otaku on a budget

And finally last but not least and by far not the last entry in the Level Up Contest by any means. We have fellow Mecha Lounge member and friend Justinius. I have had the pleasure of getting to know our bearded warrior on skype. What a class act and a great up and coming model builder. Here we have the Efreet Nacht mg conversion. Also Justin's first completed resin kit. Knock out job here by the way. The blues are to die for.

you can check out justins work at his blog and on mecha lounge as well. Justinius Builds


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    1. thank you kindly for checking out this post my friend! glad you enjoyed it. its a great contest for all to check out!

  2. Thanks for the feature Sneeper! It is such an honor!

  3. no thank you for allowing me to feature your work sir! its a great looking kit! sorry i could not get all the pictures featured. for some reason they were showing upside down when i tried to post them. great work always Paulo!