Sunday, August 31, 2014

G Systems 1/72 Kshatriya Candy Green by Bang doll

Not long back we had member join us by the name of Bang doll.  This guy is a very talented model builder by far!  Not only does he participate in building giant robots, but also in the scale model community as well.  And let me tell you his work most definitely speaks for itself my friends.  I remember speaking to him a bit here and there on the Mecha Lounge forum about what he was working, and he had mentioned the Kshatriya resin kit from G Systems.  I was immediately interested when he mentioned that kit! I mean what a monster kit to take on. And after seeing his previous work i knew it was going to be something special for sure.Months had past since the mention of this kit, and to be honest we haven't seen Bang doll around for a little while, now you can see why!!  I remember asking to see a WIP on this kit but he could not show us due to the fact he was entering this one into an E2046 resin kit contest! Which he took 2nd in the robot category.  Not a bad finish at all Master Bang doll! I salute your hard work and perseverance on this kit, what a monster at that!  Not to mention the various shades of clear greens you have  accomplished.  Along with all the work it takes to get that look on a kit.  That must have been a ton of paint to cover this kit. 

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