Friday, August 1, 2014

New Base incoming!

Recently watched a video on youtube from a friend Matt Mrozek. He was showing a custom base he had made from Orbital Ray's workshop on facebook....needless to say it looked amazing. so i said what the heck..lets commissioned this guy too!

this is the MVM3897 video i saw with the custom base. go and check out his youtube channel for more great videos on resin kits and tutorials! Mvm3897 channel

This is Orbital Ray's workshop link for the base: Orbital Ray's Workshop. feel free to ask for custom work. the guy is very talented and is willing to make custom stuff just for you. shipping prices are the most expensive part of the deal due to his shop being based out of the country. But base prices are around 60 bucks.

so here is a rough mock up of what i am going to be getting soon.

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