Monday, June 20, 2016

Finn funnels and sheild

Finishing up the final touches on the Neo Grade 1/60 Nu Gundam.  The last piece of the puzzle was to get the Finn funnels mounted and the shield mounted as well.  The last thing to do was the final photo shoot with a proper camera and background as well....

Well I am not sure what is going on with the kit now.  But the entire LED system is not working. So I will have to go back in and see what is the major malfunction here.  I am sure its just a battery problem on this guy.  For all the LEDs to go out at one time usually tends to lead to battery failure or a possible wire from the power side or the ground side may have gotten disconnected.  What ever it is I have to fix.

As soon as that is done I will make an attempt to do a better photo shoot of the kit itself.  I still am the  worst photographer in the world. So don't expect much from me!! Any how here are some of the pictures I snapped while I was mounting the funnels and shield.

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