Sunday, March 24, 2013

Master Harry finally finished it!!!!!

My boy and fellow admin over at the Mecha Lounge Harry had a build off with another talented man named Big Z. This build off has been going on for so long i forgot when it started. Jokingly i would give Harry shit about it not being done. And being a real grade kit at that!!! Well we all work at our own pace don't we!!

But as you can see...........its not a straight clean no sir!!! This kit has custom paint, shading, weathering, battle name it.  Me not being a person who delves in that kind of work, i have no idea what it takes to achieve that look. Harry took his time and also made some custom effect parts that look really cool as well. Added to the build very nicely! He also has plans for a diorama for this kit. Very fitting for this one. I personally think this kit would look very nice in a good dio!

So here we go again with another piece from Master Harris Hasan.
You can find Harry's other work here Harris Hasan Hobby Art


  1. Thanks as always for the feature my dude! Means a lot. Between you, Gunjap, and various other posts I've made this thing has been making its way all across the web. Really appreciate it my friend. Can't wait to see what you do with the Geara Doga :)

  2. you are most welcome master harris!! you deserve the spotlight my friend!! this kit is well done! cant wait to see the next masterpiece!