Friday, February 28, 2014

Bout 90% done with this thing.........

Been back at the sabre again........really close to completion on this one. this build has been dragging on for way to long. man what is with me sometimes. i really need to start keeping a schedule on builds. but thats what makes this a hobby. doing it when you want on your own terms.

Needless to say this kit has had major problems. mostly in assembly. paint work has gone ok for the most part. just assembly, dammit!!! still need to clean up my wiring a bit, make a base for this guy to help hide them wires and do a few extra details to the weapons.

i added a koto sniper to the kit. i think it looks ok so far. i am gonna have to move the antenna to the other side of the BFG or it will hit. also will have to move the shoulder cannons to the same side as the BFG as well. this wasnt in my plan but i should have seen this coming. thats what happens when you wing things.

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