Monday, February 24, 2014

Shiro11's Pg RX 78-2 Nu Gundam color scheme.

Shiro11 had participated in the Mecha Contest 2012 and placed 2nd in the dio category. His trophy was none other than the Pg RX 78-2 from yours truly!! And i cant think of a better winner to have this kit than him!  So in a way seeing what he did with this prize really blew me away! This kit used to just sit on my own shelf collecting dust. It was an old birthday present from my family. It was a bit tough to part with it at first but as you can see it went to a great home!

So Shiro11 put his custom touch on this bad boy for sure! Looks super good in the Nu Gundam colors! Amuro would be proud!! So slight custom scribing and paneling going on here for sure! Everything just flows so well. Its like it was meant to look this way. As a huge fan of the Nu color scheme myself this is perfect!

So get down to Shiro11's blog or come check it out on the Mecha Lounge, either way you are guaranteed to see some great work at either spot!

Mecha Lounge RX 78-2 pg Nu Colors! or at Ani Mei Shiro11's blog

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