Sunday, March 10, 2013

Work can finally resume!! Back at it again.

So for the last few months i have been trying to get moved in and situated in my new home. Let me tell you it wasnt an easy road. The former tenants that were living here were not so good tenants. And thats putting it lightly.....dont really want to get into it that much.  But let's say they trashed the place good.

So for the last few months i have been trying to fix, clean and remodel the place. needless to say it is done!! So i now have my own hobby room to play in!!! Yeah!! Ok so when i started this blog i was wrapping up the Nu Gundam. I kinda hinted towards a next project being a 1/72nd scale Geara Doga.

So i have been sanding and test fitting this guy so far. The casting was great! For a recast i cant complain much. The only real problems so far were warping in the legs and a few minor spots to repair.

For now i just snapped a few shots of the legs and pelvis area. i still have lots to do. And with being a broke ass dude at the moment......paint will have to wait for a bit. So that leaves me with tons of time to do clean up and get this guy ready for painting.


  1. Ahh yeah I dig this kit one of the most evil lookin designs I love it

  2. i think you will like how it turns out too. gonna do some custom stuff to it!

  3. looking good brotha! cant wait to see all the cool stuff you're going to do to this.

  4. Glad to see you're back up and running dude!

  5. thanks gav!! it feels good to have some space to work again.