Friday, March 8, 2013

New VIP member Daltonius!!!!!!!!! custom MG Nataku

First met Dalton on Mecha Lounge some time last year. Found out he used to live in the same community as i do......sadly he moved over to Oregon state. He left Washington state behind and moved on. Maybe one day we will meet up and chill!!

Standing at 6 foot 5 inch this guy makes any dude look small. But never the less a gentleman indeed is he!

Now this guy is everything a new model builder should strive to be like. I cant remember how many questions this guy asked me over PM at Mecha Lounge. Now it shows that all his hard work and studying has paid off super huge!

A custom built Mg Shenlong Gundam converted into the Endless Waltz version Nataku. This transformation he did was beautiful in every way. Shading in my humble opinion turned out amazing!! Excellent choices of greens and a beautiful gold to top off the rest!! Not to mention the conversion he did to make it the Endless Waltz version. Craftsmanship and Painting genius!!

So welcome to VIP status brother Daltonius!!! You have earned it all the way. Now get back to work on your resin kit 1/60 scale Nu Gundam.........

come check out Dalton's blog here

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  1. Thanks brotha for the feature means alot. This morning I haf a couple hours to kill before work and I pulled the 'ol nu out and I might do some work on it this weekend. I think I got the head almost right.