Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mono Eye Madness with a touch of camo!!!!

Here we have a look at Brother Gary Wintin aka Hummingbird's latest creation!! A very genius color camo scheme on an old mono eye classic.....The Acguy mobile suit. Gary's passion is to learn new ways in which he can apply scale modeling effects to all his current projects. Doing research is key. And let me say Gary does a ton of that!!

Getting inspiration from old ww2 submarine camo schemes is what made Gary go with the colors on this guy. The Blue blends so nicely with the grey he has chosen to go with here! And the hints of subtle weathering are ever present! NICE WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Acguy is ready for some serious ass whipping on them Federation mobile suits. Great work Gary giving life to one of the most unique and strange suits of the one year war!

so without further delay here is Master Hummingbird's MG Acguy custom!

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