Saturday, March 9, 2013

Yep another masterpiece from Big Daddy Vanz.....

I know i just recently posted Master Vanz Hilario's Custom Zgok monster..............and what a kit it is.  But he didnt stop there my friends......

Yes he made another you can see why the man is one of the best in the world. i have never seen anyone put out this many kits ever. I dont know how he does it....IS HE HUMAN???? Maybe Vanz is a robot as well? You will never know!!!!!

As for us we are lucky enough to see work like this!! Our friend here is a master at the Metallic red paint job for sure! I know i love the color myself!! check out his blog and you will see how many kits this guy has really done!! The thought is overwhelming at times. Just glad you are on the ML team brother Vanz!!

This kit is none other than the RC Nightengale in 1/100 scale! I have heard alot of good and bad things about this kit. but after seeing what it can look like i think i would actually try one out!

So once again i am just gonna shut up and let you enjoy the scenery!!!

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  1. mega thanks for the feature steve!! really honored to be here..:D