Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Zoids Group Build Great Sabre Metallics

just a bit of an update. i have been hacking away at this guy for the last week. got all the red and black pieces painted and clear coated. decals on the black is done. also finished the grey parts for the cat! just down to detailing the parts with metallics and clear colors. had to repaint the head due to the head being waay frosted and more of a grey color then a black color. plus the head hex's were washed out due to the frosting. i hope this looks better. also had a bit of trouble on the chest details. kinda messed up a bit with the clear orange. you should be able to see it in one of the photos. well i will be pluggin away at the masking for the rest of the week. man i really dont enjoy masking .but the results are great. sometimes its worth the trouble


  1. Lookin slick man really diggin what you are goin with as far as colors.

    lookin solid man keep truckin and this wil be done in no time

    1. big thanks D! sorry i missed you in Seattle for the IPMS show. we will have to meet up some day my friend! thanks for the comment bro!!

  2. Great detailing as always sneeper!