Tuesday, May 7, 2013

ZOIDS group build over at GE

well its been waay to long since i actually had a kit i was really working on hard. and these zoids kits are super addicting!! well at least to me. so i joined in on all the fun and said what the heck. why not. Gundam Eclipse is having a zoids group build. so naturally i wanted to get in on the fun. so  i figured why not share it here as well!!

got most of the parts already painted. now its down to detailing and of course my favorite part  LED work. so i just snapped a few shots of the work in progress for now.

mostly just have the head and neck sections detailed. Red, black and metallics are painted too. still need to get down to painting the weapons on this guy.

i must say the attention to detail on these kits is amazing. you get so many parts with tons of options to detail. a masking nightmare for me again. but i will do what is necessary to make this kit look the best i can.

These zoids kits are filled with some pretty hard to sand out mold lines i may add. plus the ever presence of seam lines. i chose to fill in only the ones that are really seen.

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