Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sliver's custom RG Destiny Gundam

Over at the Mecha Lounge over the past few days we have had a few awesome kits hit the display case recently.  I am happy to present Sliver's Real Grade Destiny gundam in the Heine Westenfluss color scheme.

I have always admired Slivers builds. He has been busting out work left and right. He tends to like the Real Grade line a lot! And it shows here with another masterpiece to add to his Portfolio! All the great details and shading are present in this small but very detailed kit!!

" I try to do what I can with spraycans. Still trying to learn from the pros here.
Being limited by spraycans' stock colors, I can only try to work on other basics such as decaling, panel wash and post shading and ML provides a good platform for me to learn from the pros through their sharing and wip threads. "  

A master in his own league!! there is definitely a reason he is a VIP over at the Lounge! And a well deserved one at that!! all his builds have been completely awesome!! Very exellent shading and clean panel lining! down to the crisp details of the decals!! A complete masterpiece!!

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