Monday, May 13, 2013

Zoids group build @GE more work on the Great Sabre

well finally got my decals from globaltoy!! then i found out they are for different zoids from the opposite armies and such. so i used the ones i could. good thing i bought three different sets. so all in all in worked out for me. i had to use a few decals to make the great sabres number on one. the EPZ 003. and yes i used some decals from the pg red frame astray...i know its not zoids but it looked really cool. i am a sucker for kanji symbols!! they just look cool! any way sorry for the bad lighting and photos i just wanted to snap a few quick shots here to show some progress...finally able to see the hex spots i was trying to ghost in. still they didnt turn out the best. but oh well. they will be hardly noticeable after flat coating them. still have final top coats and metallics to do.


  1. still looking kick ass steve ;)

  2. Dang sorry I missed all this (slacking) but dude that gloss black is beautiful. Decals are great and that LED just makes it amazing.