Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Zoids Group Build Great Sabre main body complete.

assembled the main body torso area. boy did i crack and break alot of parts. just a friendly reminder to those building zoids out there. if you paint them bore out your holes and enlarge them. also if you need to sand down some of the connecting areas. i had a heads up from master Harry. but man i wasnt ready for this. we will see if it affects the rest of the main body.

So far i really am liking the red and orange together. they complement each other really good. So more masking tonight on the rest of the body and legs. hopefully by this weekend i can have the whole cat painted and assembled. just need to take my time. i get giddy when i see the metallics and like a window licker i try to assemble them thinking "oh i wont hurt the paint!" but we all know what happens. i end up having ot touch things up.