Monday, February 11, 2013

Bandai VF 171 Nightmare 1/60 chogokin

When i was young the first mecha series i used to watch back in the 80's was Robotech. Yeah, yeah, i know Robotech you mutter......A lot of true Macross fans cringe when they hear the name spoken. But me...i embrace it.  I truly loved both Macross and Robotech equally. So here we are some twenty plus years later blessed with more Amazing Macross toys!! And man they are truly my weakness!!! Got Valkyrie fever if you must say!!! 

So over the next few weeks i will try to get some photos of each one i own. starting with the Macross Frontier kits My brother and i have!! So here is my first installment to you....The Macross Frontier VF 171 Nightmare Alto custom!!


  1. You're alive! Cool looking kit sneep! That white and orange look really sick on an airplane.
    Lol didn't know you had a brother, does he do alot of plastic modeling too?

  2. looks great bro!!

    I'm a MACROSS fan myself.This was the reason I collected Plamos back then.

  3. Ah man this is so bad ass. Love the Nightmare! Really cool lookin toy, I wish they made it as an assembly kit as well!

  4. the name says it all on this guy......nightmare, thats exactly what it was to transform into all the modes.......thanks guys for your support and comments!