Sunday, February 10, 2013

Master Vanz Nojeseki Hilario

There are tons of good model builders in the game out there. But to me there is one that stands out the most in my opinion! Master Vanz Hilario! The man is SUPER TALENTED!!! He pumps out so much work its insane!!! Not only does he do that....he balances it all with a full family as well. Talk about dedication to life and the hobby in general!! We should all strive to be this good!! After all the madness of the Mecha Contest of 2012 i got the chance to get to know him a bit more!!! What a stand up gentleman!! So this tribute goes out to you sir!!!

So on this day i will be featuring Vanz most recent work!! After all the new hype of the Master Grade Nu Gundam Ver Ka., Vanz decided to remodel the old mg Nu Gundam to look more like the Ver Ka version! And what a success it turned out to be. The Finn Funnels were modeled more to the liking of the Neo Grade Nu Gundam resin conversion kit. And man what a ton of work that must have been to accomplish.

So here is the link to Master Vanz blog.....and his facebook  page.
Vanz GMAC page and here is his blogDark side of the Sun.


  1. Thank you so much for the feature bro....Hats off to you!

    Welcome to blogger!!

  2. you are very welcome big daddy vanz!! you deserve the spot light. as you are super talented and one of my favorite model builders!! much respect!!!