Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Master Ivan Calomarde aka Ifaaa

My first run in with master Ifaaa's work was on youtube....where i ran across his tutorial on his High Grade Hygogg. And what a tutorial it was. He went over just about every step on how to build, prep, paint, decal, detail etc. What more can i say than he is a genius with an airbrush and tremendous with modding!! And a gentleman to boot!!

My favorite work of his is no doubt the Mg Unicorn Gundam he did not to long ago. So i will be sharing his photos of the Mg Unicorn along with his latest work a SD Nightengale kit!!

Instead of the traditional Red color, he opted for  a beautiful blue metallic. Done with Alclad colors. Of course all the rules for painting a clear color where used here!! Not to mention the details and metal thrusters added!! In the end we are left with a gorgeous kit!! My hat is off to you sir Ifaaa!!!

You can also find his work here on his youtube channel Master Ifaaa's youtube channel

So lets get to the good stuff!!

And here we have my favorite of his work the mg Unicorn Gundam in destroy mode....with an amazing LED modification. Anywhere there was supposed to be lit up he did it!!! What an amazing kit!!!

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