Friday, February 22, 2013

The Mecha Lounge staff members................Decay

Today's Mecha Lounge staff member is none other than the amazingly talented Marc aka Decay. What more do i need to say about Marc other than he is one of the best modelers in the world.  So much talent from him its amazing. He has so many things done i cant even begin to show all of it.

I will just show some of my favorite kits he has done in the past. No here is a man that can do it all. From scratch building to miniatures to amazing dioramas. Not many things the man can't do. Even his photos are amazing! So the real question is Marc.............ARE YOU EVEN HUMAN?? Most likely not!!!

One of the things Marc and i share is the love of the Movie critter Predator! Oh and hot toys. Maybe one day he could show us his collection. And hopefully one day i can show my own here!! So this post of the day is dedicated to Master Marc!! I salute your talent and skill my friend! Your work is untouchable!

come visit Marc's blog for more amazing work!!!  decay-miniature-model-arts.

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