Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Mecha Lounge staff members................hummingbird

And continuing with the flow of things!! Master Gary aka Hummingbird! My brother from another mother!!!! What a stand up scholar and gentleman!! Well respected and known for his scratch building skills!! Lots know him as the scratch building shinigami. Needless to say Gary loves to modd! Of cos of cos lets not forget about " the standard of scale models so attractive/love them all!!!"

Gary has a passion for armor scale modeling! and i may say he is very good at them! As you will see. The man has lots of completed work to much to really show in one blog post. So what does that mean. Gary is a model building machine.

I have to really hand it to Gary. He is one of the kindest dudes i have ever met. We both have so much in common, hence "the brother of another mother." So many similar views on life, art, modeling and friendship. One day i will get the chance to meet him. i can only dream right?  Hailing from Burma, but living in Uk. So many miles away . i was only really able to get to know him through the forums and  skype. many nights of good conversation!

So this one is to you sir Gary! i salute you and thank you for your help and support on the forum. you are a valuable asset to the team!! Always a watchful eye on the forum. Nothing gets past the bird!! You should have been the hawk instead!

You can find Garys full work here modellers-innovation
You can see him on facebook as well.

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  1. For the last sentence of the first paragraph - I hate you .. :/ ...
    But for the rest of the feature - Man-hug, my man, Man-hug ( no homo) ...

    Thanks for the feature Steve.. It was really an honour to know you and to have you a brother from another mother....