Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Mecha Lounge staff members................Harry

Ok i have been meaning to do this for a while now... Now i have the time to do it! Ok first off i am gonna feature one of our admin at the Lounge. You all know him as Harry!! My boy!! My trusted homie!!! And some one i  have come to call "brother" over the last 2 years.

First started talking to Harry over skype and over at MAC. we had lots in common and shared common interests and some beliefs. Harry has put up with me in some sticky sitiuations where we did not agree or where i had any idea of what the heck i was talking about. Needless to say the man has knowledge, courage and balls to say what he believes. Never trying to hide his true feelings. Something i have been trying to learn for a long time. Its an every day battle to do so. Now this is a quality i admire the most in my friend here.

Many people may think Harry is an ass at times....but i respect the fact that he does not hide what he is really  thinking.  Quick to put you in your place when needed. Hell even me at times. So tonights feature is honor of you sir Harry!!! I am gonna show his latest works along some of his past stuff!! Now if he only would finish his damn Mk 2!!!

You can find his blog here......Harris Hasan Hobby Art
You can find his facebook channel here as well!!   Harris Hasan Hobby Art

This is Harry's latest work the 1/48 Unicorn head bust. And the ever infamous Blue Zeta from Mecha 2012

And this is an on going project he has been slacking on but coming close to completion! hope to see it soon finished

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  1. Thanks a lot for the feature man. It's an honor and Im very grateful to have met a friend like you. I AM an ass! Thats the beauty of it :) Good lookin out!