Sunday, February 10, 2013

Display case!! and my hobby room as well.

So one of my good friends was moving out of his place and into a smaller apt. and i luckily scored this amazing display case! sold it to me for a steal of a deal. couldnt pass on it! so i snapped a few shots of it. finally i am able to really start showing some of my brother and i's stuff. I have been super busy as of late moving into a new home. so i finally got my stuff out of storage and into a house big enough for my brother and i. so i finally have a proper paint room/hobby room. as soon as its finished up in there i will post some photos.

hope to have a decent bit of stuff displayed soon!! for now i just stuck a few old suits and the nu gundam, along with a really cool lego x wing!! not sure what i am planning to have in there as of late. but i am sure it will vary from month to month.

figured i would snap some shots of the hobby room. hopefully i will be building more kits here!


  1. Nice one! That's a great looking display case - lucky find!

  2. Sick case man and finally a size comparison with the NU lol it dwarfs the strike thats DAT SHIT CRAYons