Monday, February 25, 2013

Master Matt Mrozek aka............MVM3897

Today's Post will feature none other than the man who shared his talent and skill with me on the resin subject!! I cannot thank you enough Matt. Without your help i would have been in trouble on my first resin kit. He helped and made videos to show all his techniques for clean up and painting of resin kits. A wealth of knowledge from the Master from Mckinney Texas!!

A professional photographer by trade. Which he applies beautifully with his model building skills. The word Professional is the first thing that comes to my mind when i see his work. Resin building Machine! With enough kits to make your eyes and head spin as well. One day i was browsing Youtube and there was this guy showing me just about every G system kit in the world!!! After seeing this i was hooked. i had always wondered about resin kits........i  had an idea about what they were. But i had no idea they were as big, expensive and hard as hell to build.

So today i will give you a small sample of Master Mrozek's work. I couldn't show you all.  As there are waaay to many photos to show you guys.  But remember, as Matt is a professional Photographer.....These photos are being used by permission from Matt himself. So if you are wanting to use them please ask permission first. Its professional courtesy to the man. That is how he makes a living.

So in closure i am proud to present Matt's work. You sir are a scholar and gentleman! And some one i am proud to call friend as well.

You can find Matt's work and his latest projects on youtube hereMVM3897

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