Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Mecha Lounge staff members................Aulon

Continuing with the staff members leads us to our site Admin and Ban hammer wielder Master Aulon......aka Mr. Zinc as well. Genius with computers! haha at least more savy than yours truly here...Aulon is our site admin at Mecha lounge at keeps the forum running. But thats not the reason we are talking about Him.

I met just about all the staff members on MAC forums. And naturally thats where Aulon and i first met. His work is very tedious and detailed. Like Decay , Aulon is very good at the miniatures and dioramas as well.

His work ranges from Gundam to Warhammer kits and dios! And if you are ever in the mood to just look at cool mecha pics, go check out his blog. i cant tell you how many times i have gone there to get reference photos or inspiration for my own work.

Come check out Aulon's blog here at
Also check out his new blog with some of the other mecha lounge members Mad Spiderz

Here is some of his the others too much to display, so this is just a taste!!

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